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Forensic Behavior Analysis
Corporate Behavior Analysis
Behavior Analysis - Not Otherwise Specified

 Forensic Behavior Analysis

Our service offers specialized nonverbal behavior analysis to enhance forensic investigations. We provide expert judgments aimed at identifying nuanced nonverbal cues, which are pivotal in revealing distress, suspicious behaviors, and other key psychological states such as potential intoxication or violent intent. Our objective and detailed analysis is an invaluable tool in various investigative contexts, ensuring a deeper understanding of the subjects involved.

Crime Scene Tape
Taking Meeting Notes

Corporate Behavior Analysis

Enhance your professional presence and confidence with our Corporate Behavior Analysis service. We specialize in refining your nonverbal communication to ensure you project a trustworthy and aligned image, whether representing yourself or your brand. Our service is tailored to elevate various aspects of professional demeanor and interaction.

This service is ideal for those aiming to:

  • Improve your presentation skills

  • Appear more confident

  • Promote your personal brand or company image

  • Prepare for an interview

  • Improve your personal and professional interactions

Behavior Analysis - Not Otherwise Specified

We provide tailored video body language analysis for unique and specialized scenarios that fall outside typical categories. Whether you're dealing with unusual circumstances or require nuanced insights, our customized approach ensures that your specific needs are met with precision and expertise.

Our service is particularly beneficial for:

  • Unique Situations: Addressing specific scenarios that demand a custom approach to nonverbal behavior analysis.

  • Specialized Requirements: Catering to individualized needs, whether for personal, academic, or unconventional professional contexts.

  • Innovative Research: Assisting in groundbreaking studies and projects where standard analysis methods are insufficient.



Stage 1: Complete the information from, detailing what you are looking to achieve from this analysis

Stage 2: One of our team will reach out to you to advise you where to send the video/videos you want analyzed

Stage 3: Dr Abbie and team will conduct the analysis and send you the thorough report
  • Why chose us?
    Expert nonverbal judgment involves more than just recognizing basic emotions. It requires a deep understanding of the science behind nonverbal communication, the ability to detect subtle shifts in behavior, and the skill to combine nonverbal cues with contextual information. Using our services will ensure that your analysis will be conducted by a world-leading expert and industry leader and an award winning and internationally acclaimed scientist.
  • Pricing
    The pricing for our analysis varies, please complete a contact form and a member of our team will reach out to you.
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