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In Work in Progress, Dr. Abbie Maroño debunks the pervasive myth that shame is the antithesis of empowerment, revealing how, if understood and embraced, it can guide us towards our most authentic selves.

Popular media frequently sells empty promises of empowerment, suggesting people should ignore the judgments of others and aspire to be ‘bulletproof.’ They are further led to believe that shame opposes empowerment and, consequently, should suppress those parts of themselves perceived as negative. Though these notions might sound well-intentioned, they don’t truly reflect human nature.


Authored by an award-winning and internationally acclaimed scientist, Work in Progress takes you down the unexpected road through shame and distorted self-perception, until you’re face to face with your ideal self. While unpacking the real science behind empowerment, Work in Progress leads you to confront many hard truths, but you will not be doing it alone—Dr. Abbie is there every step of the way sharing her own journey through shame to empowerment.


This ground-breaking, science-based guide invites you to embrace genuine empowerment as a universal right, accessible to everyone, no matter who you are, or what you’ve been through.

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  • Written by Dr. Abbie Maroño, an acclaimed scientist and a top 1% behavior analysis expert

  • Grounded in the latest scientific research, offering readers a credible perspective on shame and empowerment

  • Challenges the narrow view of empowerment as a feminist-only ideology, making it relatable to a wider audience

  • Fosters self-awareness and teaches readers how to feel confident in their own skin

  • Provides practical tools for self-reflection and navigating difficult emotions

  • Offers a raw and honest look into the science of human emotions and human nature

  • Confronts the topic of shame head-on, addressing a crucial, often overlooked aspect of personal growth

  • Will resonate with academics as well as those seeking personal growth and professional development.

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