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In Work in Progress, Dr. Abbie Maroño debunks the pervasive myth that shame is the antithesis of empowerment, revealing how, if understood and embraced, it can guide us towards our most authentic selves.

Popular media often offers individuals empty promises of empowerment, urging them to become ‘bulletproof.’ It also portrays shame as the antithesis of empowerment. Yet, in reality, shame signals when one’s actions don’t align with their ideal self. By dismissing this signal, they hinder their journey to becoming their best selves. True empowerment arises when one cultivates a healthy relationship with shame.

Work in Progress delves into the science of shame and empowerment, equipping people to navigate their feelings of shame and transition into a state of empowerment. While many books on empowerment are well-intentioned, they often overlook or misinterpret the science behind individuals’ experiences of shame, how they reconcile their self-perception with their surroundings, and how they achieve empowerment amidst its elusive definition. This work challenges the idea that empowerment is exclusively a feminist concept reserved for women. It underscores that empowerment is universal, accessible to all, no matter who they are.

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  • Written by Dr. Abbie Maroño, an acclaimed psychologist recognized in the top 1% of her field internationally

  • Grounded in the latest scientific research, offering readers a credible perspective on shame and empowerment

  • Challenges the narrow view of empowerment as a feminist-only ideology, making it relatable to a wider audience

  • Fosters self-awareness and teaches readers how to feel confident in their own skin

  • Provides practical tools for self-reflections and navigating difficult emotions

  • Offers a raw and honest look into the science of human emotions and human nature

  • Confronts the topic of shame head-on, addressing a crucial, often overlooked aspect of personal growth

  • Will resonate with academics as well as those seeking personal growth and professional development.

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